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Green technology

The laser is better not only because it is easier to work with, it performs more precise and accurate work, but also because it uses significantly less energy. As an example, laser cutting equipment consumes an average of 21 kW, while a CNC cutting equipment can use approximately 250 kW of electricity. Another analogy is that the average consumption of a milling machine or EDM is a significant amount, whereas a laser cutter uses a fraction of it. There are no emissions of harmful substances during use, and therefore there is no need to take care of the removal of harmful substances. No waste is generated during operation, so we also save costs. These devices are quite compact, which means that they fully comply with todays environmentally friendly way of thinking, in terms of energy consumption, waste production and the amount of emissions of harmful substances. According to the UNs Sixth Assessment Report, greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are responsible for approximately 1.1°C of warming since the beginning of the 20th century. These activities include, for example, the burning of coal, oil and gas, deforestation and agriculture. Within the area of energy consumption, the report also narrowed the proportions of pollutant-emitting areas. The largest emission (24.2 percent) comes from industrial energy consumption, including the iron and steel industry (7.2 percent). The construction industry came in second place (17.5 percent), while the third was transportation (11.9 percent). In the latter group, road transport is by far the largest emitter, with 11.9 percent. It is therefore clear from the data in which areas the global emission of greenhouse gases could be significantly reduced, and the transformation of the energy mix is already well under way. In other words, in the coming years, there may be major reorganizations in many industries, aimed at curbing pollution. Laser technology is one of the good solutions for the reorganization, because there is no emission of harmful substances, there is no need to use dangerous substances, so there is no need to take care of their transportation.