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Why the laser?

One of the most important factors in the production/manufacturing sphere and the current "be green" way of thinking is the production of as little waste as possible and the reduction of the ecological footprint. The best possible choice is laser technology, as it is a precise and fast process. In addition to its speed, its accuracy must also be mentioned, because it is also authoritative. With this technology, compared to previously used equipment, an extremely fast work process can be achieved. The range of possibilities is almost endless, because laser technology is quite versatile. Its diversity is also reflected in the fact that several tasks can be performed with one tool. Its maintenance costs are very low compared to traditional machines, because there are no wearing parts.

Multifunctional laser

There are almost endless options to choose from, because laser technology is quite complex, which is why several tasks can be performed with one device. The numerous tasks include cleaning, milling, welding, marking, cutting, etc. Different processes can also be combined. Based on the policy of the EERS Group, one of our main mottos is flexibility, which is reflected in all our equipment. Our machines can also be modified afterwards if the work process requires it, because even in such situations we are as flexible as possible towards our customers. In addition, the maintenance cost is low. There is no tool wear during the work processes, which also reduces additional costs. Furthermore, there is no physical contact during the operations, which increases the security to a much higher level in this technology. The goal is an effective, thorough, flexible session, then the ideal choice is none other than laser technology.